To Sum Me Up

Currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science at the Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, my work is at the overlap of networking and analytics for system response. Smarter systems require smarter networks. Precise analytics can solve problems of a much larger scale, and I would love to be an utility in the process.

Ongoing Projects

Time Travel | Java, React JS, HTML, CSS, MySQL

● The Java application syncs with a user’s GMail to parse and extract emails involving travel plans. The bookings are clubbed to an Iternary. Loopholes, if any, are indicated to the user.
● The frontend in React, also incorporates a map-view that displays travel plans on Google Maps.

Large Screen Project | C#, OpenCV

● A C# application that projects information from equipment like cardiac monitors, respiratory ability and other bodily functions to improve response time in a critical care unit.
● Connecting to actual monitors in real-time, detecting and classifying the signals using OpenCV.
● Reducing the time required to update a physician with a patient’s history by syncing with Johns Hopkins Database and eliminating the need for manually updating protocol followed.

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IEEE ICC 2019, at Shanghai, China

May, 2019
● Funded by the IEEE Comsoc Student Travel grant to attend the 2019 International Commmunications Conference.
● Presented three papers and won the Best Paper Award for "Standardising the use of Duplex Channels in 5G-WiFi Networking for Ambient Assisted Living".

IEEE Globecom 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dec, 2018
● Funded by the IEEE Comsoc Student Travel grant to attend the 2018 Global Commmunications Conference.
● Presented a paper on "Data Consumption-Aware Load Forecasting Scheme for Smart Grid Systems".

Summer Research Intern
IIT Kharagpur

May, 2018 - July, 2018
● Interning under Prof. Sudip Misra in SWAN Lab, IIT Kharagpur.
● Working on Quorum Sensing based Molecular Communication for Target Tracking in Drug Delivery through bionanomolecules like bacteria.
● Developed a Blockchain based communication mechanism through Plasmids to aid bacteria based drug delivery.

Summer Research Intern
IIT Gandhinagar

May, 2017 - July, 2017
● In collaboration with Ahmedabad Police, worked on a Crowd Analysis project for the Ahmedabad Rath Yatra event under Prof. Shanmuganathan Raman.
● Developed an algorithm to include crowd count and density in highly dense crowds.
● Designed a webpage to display the changes in real time.
● Stood second at the poster competition that concluded the internship.

WoMoz Lead
Mozilla Nirma

July, 2016 - July, 2018
I have been leading the women wing of Mozilla Nirma, the Mozilla Campus Club at Nirma. Established with the aim to make the internet freely available to everyone, Mozilla Campus Clubs form a platform for students to communicate, exchange ideas, and contribute to the Mozilla Foundation goals. I frequently write about the activites at WoMoz and Mozilla Nirma.


International Journals

  1. Vora J, Kaneriya S, Tanwar S, Tyagi S, Kumar N, Obaidat M, “TILAA: Tactile Internet-based Ambient Assisted Living in Fog Environment”, Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier(Accepted with minor revisions, Impact Factor:4.639)
  2. Tanwar S, Vora J, Kaneriya S, Tyagi S, Kumar N, Sharma V, You I ,”Human Arthritis Analysis in Fog Computing Environment using Bayesian Network Classifier and Thread Protocol” ,International Journal of Electronics and Communications (Impact Factor: 1.147)
  3. Vora J, Kaneriya S, Shah P, ”Real-time Health and Medical Monitoring System Using Accelerometer with Body Area Network”, in International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies, IGI Global (Accepted with minor revisions)

International Conferences

  1. Kaneriya S, Vora J, Tanwar S, Tyagi S "Standardising the use of Duplex Channels in 5G-WiFi Networking for Ambient Assisted Living". In:2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC Workshops): SecSDN: Secure and Dependable Software Defined Networking for Sustainable Smart Communities. Shanghai, P.R. China, May 2019.[BEST PAPER AWARD]
  2. Kaneriya S, Lakhani D, Brahmbhatt H, Tanwar S, Tyagi S, Kumar N, Rodriguez J. “Can Tactile Internet be a Solution for Low Latency Heart Disorientation Measure: An Analysis”. In:2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC): Communication Software, Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium (IEEEICC’19 - CSSMA Symposium). Shanghai, P.R. China,May 2019.
  3. Kaneriya S, Chudasama M, Tanwar S, Tyagi S, Kumar N, Rodriguez J. “Markov Decision-based Recommender System for Sleep Apnea Patients”. In:2019IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC): SAC E-Health Track (IEEE ICC’19 - SAC-5 EHTrack). Shanghai, P.R. China, May 2019.
  4. Kaneriya S, Tanwar S, Verma J, Tyagi S, Kumar N and Obaidat M “Data Consumption-Aware Load Forecasting Scheme for Smart Grid Systems”, “2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference: Selected Areas in Communications: Smart Grid and Power Line Communications (SAC SGPLC)”, 9-13 Dec 2018, Abu Dhabi, UAE (presented)
  5. Kaneriya S, Tanwar S, Buddhadev S, Verma J, Tyagi S, Kumar N and Misra S ”A Range-Based Approach for Long-Term Forecast of Weather Using Probabilistic Markov Model”, “2018 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC Workshops): The 4th Workshop on communication, computing, and networking in cyber physical systems. (CCNCPS)”, 20-24 May 2018, Kansas City, USA
  6. Vora J, Kaneriya S, Tanwar S, Tyagi S, “Performance Evaluation of SDN based Virtualization for Data Center Networks”, IEEE 3rd International Conference on Internet of Things: Smart Innovation and Usages (IoT-SIU 2018), BIAS,Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India, 23-24 February, 2018 (Indexed in IEEE-Xplore)
  7. Tanwar S, Vora J, Kaneriya S, Tyagi S, “Fog based Enhanced Safety Management System for Miners”, 3rd International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication & Automation,(ICACCA-2017), Tula Institute, Dehradhun, UA. (Also Indexed in IEEE-Xplore, SCOPUS)



    AUG 2018 - PRESENT
    Python based artificial neural network to predict user action based on accelerometer and gyroscope readings to correct back posture through linear resonant actuators. We employed a two fold communication model for energy efficiency, WiFi for posture detection and Tactile for posture correction.


    Designed a recommendation system involving Yoga, Upper body exercises, Lower body exercises, Sleeping routines and Water consumption for sleep apnea in Python using Markov Models.


    AUG 2018 - PRESENT
    To predict the risk of heart diseases in patients based on sensor and census data, employed a Python based Randon Forest Approach. Tactile internet concepts were used for low latency communication.


    JAN 2018 - MAY 2018
    The project involves identification of ocean eddies through SAR image processing. GDAL and OpenCV were adopted for Image Processing in Python.


    JAN 2018 - MAY 2018
    The project works to identifying demand and corresponding supply based on average weather conditions in the area for household and industrial purposes. We deployed a two layered Markov model in Python to identify the dependencies.


    JAN 2018 - MAY 2018
    Worked to designing an online library management and cataloguing service through HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL with a focus on design and system appeal.


    JAN 2018 - MAY 2018
    Working to review Cloud Ecosystems through an industrial perspective.


    AUG 2017 - DEC 2017
    Worked to predict average weather patterns in a dataset using Markov Modelling.


    AUG 2016 - NOV 2016
    Worked with the Hadoop Image Processing Library (HIPI) with OpenCV over Python for Face Detection and Pedestrian Detection through Haar Cascading.


    AUG 2016 - NOV 2016
    Studied the Thread communication protocol, developed for IoT devices and integrated the networking stack for Human Arthritis Monitoring.


    AUG 2016 - NOV 2016
    Implementation of the transportation problem through all three approaches in Java.


    JAN 2016 - AUG 2016
    A Java based management system including booking, cancellation, transactions , online check ins and seat reservations were for airline reservations.

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